jueves, 13 de febrero de 2014

Hey everyone! hope january was a good month for all of you and also february is going on pretty good!! as the title says this post it's about some of my latest clothes i've bought. 

Born in the 80's tee (from  trf - zara)
I'm completely in love with this tee cause it's not white but more as a beige color, which favors a lot my skin tone, the other thing that i love about it it's the loose fit and of course the print.

blue stripes sweatshirt (from trf - zara)
i really liked this sweatshirt since it arrived at my local zara, but i wasn't sure about buying it or not, until now that was about 70% off so i couldn't resist haha

Lightweight short parka (from topshop)
It's so so comfortable, the material its very soft, the perfect tone of brown and the best of all it goes with everything, i can't wait to wear it next week.

Majestic suede boots (from topshop)
I wanted them so bad but they were a bit pricey, until one day i was shopping with my mom and i saw them in sale, so she got them for me, they're so comfy and just goes with every outfit (i also want the grey/beige ones).

Nike free runs 3
Since i got my black and orange ones i really needed another pair to wear with light washed jeans and tees, so my grandparents got them for me, obviously they are so comfortable and easy to wear, i really recommend a pair if you don't own any haha

Black leather backpack (from zara)
I was really in need of something to carry my everyday stuff, and i looked in every store but i didn't like anything until i saw this one, it's big enough for my school supplies but at the same time small to wear everyday.

Black and gold belt (from h&m)
I'm pretty sure i've seen a lot of fashion bloggers wearing a very similar one.. or maybe this one haha it was cheap but the quality it's pretty cool, it gives a different touch to every outfit.

Hope you enjoy it! and Happy Valentines Day to everyone!!
 -M xx

jueves, 16 de enero de 2014

Hey everyone! it's been 15 days from my first post and I can't believe that until today I have had more than 200 views from different places in the world! (from usa, uk, australia, germany, serbia, belgium, france and russia!)  so this have got me very happy this days so thank you!

I decided that this post was going to be about some of my favourite cds of all the time, that are my must have in my ipod and also in my iphone. They're not from the same genre but i really love them, you can hear them whenever you want and anywhere.

  1. (What's the story) Morning Glory?: I'm pretty sure i've been listening to songs from this album since always, they're all pretty popular and very good.
  2. Greatest Hits: My Prerogative: this album have the best songs of britney, i really like it because i always hear it with my friends and sing them out loud, it's perfect for when you're feeling happy and you're alone in your house so you can dance haha.
  3. Alanis Morissette: The Collection: I just love every single song from this album, it makes you feel very happy, independent and cheers you up always.
  4. Loud: i think this is the best rihanna's album, the vibes of the songs are cool, the rhythm and the lyrics are nice too.
  5. Birdy: the first time i heard a song from her was when i saw the Burberry's fashion show, since then i can't stop listening, young blood is my favourite and i'ld really like to get it tattoed on my arm.
  6. : it's perfect for listening when you're feeling down, in the morning but most of all when you're going home after a day with your friends, the lyrics are so powerful and so strong that really touch your heart.
  7. Born To Die: even that i'm a bit tired of her, and everyone listening to her song, she's so cool and from other era, maybe the lyrics are too depressing.
  8. Long Way Down: as the Birdy's album, i heard it the same way for the first time and this is my favourite album to listen while you're taking a bubble bath with some aromatic candles and drinking hot chocolate.
  9. Pure Heroin: i'm so so obsessed with this album, with Lorde and every song, i can hear them on repeat again and again all the day. 
  10. Midnight Memories: i just love One Direction since always haha the all three albums are cool, but this is my fave, the rhythm and the songs have strong meanings, i just can't wait until their  concert in my country. 

Hope you enjoy it! 

- M xx

jueves, 2 de enero de 2014

Hey everyone! first of all I wanna say Happy New Year!! hope you celebrated and had a very good time. I'm so glad to start my very first blog so I can share with you a lot of moments and stuff I do on my everyday, with my friends and also you can get to know me better!

(some pictures of my 2013 high-lights, it was such a good year!)

So i am gonna introduce myself now: I'm Matthew, i'm 17 years old and i live in Santiago, Chile (yes, i know... it's so far of all of you!) I'm a very easy to get person but at the same time i'm not friendly at all haha, i really enjoy going out with my friends and being with them as much as i can :) i'm really into fashion and style (so you will see a lot of my ootds around here) i love my two doggies, the beach, music, morning coffees, city lights, afternoons, taking long and candle lit bubble baths, winter, nature, healthy and organic food and more! 

If you wanna know anything else about me or you have any suggestions of what you would like to see on a future post just let me know commenting or just send it here

Thanks for joining me on my new blog and also a big hug to my friend Francisca for motivating me to do this!